STEIN-Infrastructure Management GmbH

So far, our company has helped many municipalities to administer and manage their water and wastewater infrastructure systems. The total replacement values of these systems is estimated at 20 billion €.

STEIN Infrastructure Management GmbH is a consulting company providing integrated services in the areas of municipal finances, fees and investments. We develop, optimize and implement integral asset management concepts, methods and systems and their monitoring for municipal infrastructure systems. This also includes tasks such as strategy development for infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation, strategy implementation, operation consolidation, process design, organization concepts, management analyses as well as consulting on all technical, organizational and financial issues of municipal infrastructure systems. The further training of specialized personnel is also provided as needed.

The basis of our success is our Lifecycle Asset Management Model “STATUS”, which includes four components: data analysis, a stochastic aging model, a strategy model and a monitoring system. Using STATUS, asset life cycles can be transparently controlled and optimized.

Company figures

Development of net asset value preservation concepts for infrastructure systems with a total length of approx. 25,000 km

Replacement costs of the managed infrastructure systems: approx. 20 billion euros

Potentially generated net value profit over 30 years useful life: approx. 2 - 3 billion euros